Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ok Today is the day

The hubs doesn't know that today is the day that I will be picking out paint. HEE HEE. It seriously drives him insane that I like to paint and change colors. I promised him when we lived at our other home and were moving into our new home that I wouldn't paint for 5 years. Well that time is up baby.

Here is my dilemma. I have couches in my front room. Not my first choice of color, but they were cheap. :) They are a hint of orange leather. Ok who am I kidding they are orange. Not a bright orange, just an orange. So I have two walls that I want to put the stencil on in this room. One before you walk into the room and one on a wall when you come in. I am trying to decide the color that I would like to put on these walls.

These aren't my couches, but I am lazy and don't want to go take a picture. But this is pretty darn close to the color of the couches.

Now I was thinking maybe a brown.

I looked on the color wheel. I

know so nerdy, but it's quite helpful. And in all reality these oranges and browns are very warm colors. I love me some warm colors. To accentuate these colors though you go across the color wheel to the Blues. It makes both colors stand out a little bit more. So now I am even more confused. I don't want my house to look like you are going into Cafe Rio for a salad, but I would like it to look like "wow that is so freakin cute" You get me dog.

I am going to choose today and get some crap done. It's coming almost winter and I have to park in my garage. You say what does parking in your garage and painting inside have to do with each other. Well I have so many projects in the garage. I need to get them done and out. Plus I need to be a little more organized. HEY A GIRL CAN DREAM RIGHT? MWAH!!!!


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Please photograph when finished:) A little show-n-tell might provide some much needed inspiration!