Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I know, it's furniture again (I LOVE IT)

I have to say that I am addicted to re-fabulitizing furniture. (I totally just made up that word if you didn't know) It is instant gratification to see something that you think is good, but then you change just a couple of thing and then YOWZA. Well I was excited about this couch table.

I bought it for 20 dollars on KSL. I told the lady I would pick it up, and that was the day the girls were in their wreck. This lady was so cute because I texted her and told her I would have to reschedule. So when I did go to pick it up she had put together a bunch of stuff for my girls. Mind you she doesn't know who I am...she just has a good heart. Needless to say this table has a special place in my heart. :) It's not a bad looking table. I decided I wanted a white table. I took off the hardware (1 piece) then primed with can't beat it. Love that stuff. Remember shake that stuff up good and you are less likely to have to sand. I then painted it with Krylon Ivory.

Then came the glazing. I put this all over the table, even flat surfaces because you never know how it will make the table look. There were actually some hidden cracks you couldn't see and when I put the glaze on, out they popped. Have several rags when you are glazing...YOU'LL NEED EM.

So it's all done and I looked at this little area...I wanted it to pop more.

I wanted something different. What is different PAINTABLE WALLPAPER.
This is the outcome.


I absolutely love it. I painted the hardware black. I just think this table became one of my favorites. I love the difference some paint makes.

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