Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's make it match

I did a previous post about my tea pot that I purchased. Well today I finished the set. I am so giddy about this. Oh shoot I forgot to take "during the process" pictures. Oops. Ok use your imaginations.
I took the cups and plates and sprayed them with Kilz. I probably did that 3 times. Just to make sure the little flowers wouldn't show through. Then I put little round stickers (garage sale stickers) randomly all over. Then I sprayed with Kilz again. I would of spray painted them a white color, but I had run out and was on a serious "don't go to Walmart" kick. I figured it would work...and it did. I sprayed it after the stickers because if you are going to have bleeding under the stickers or tape it should be the color you want it to be. After that it usually seals the tape down. Mine didn't this time. Those darn stickers weren't as good as I thought they would be. They were the perfect round shape that I wanted but they kept pulling up. Anyhoo, after that I painted the color I wanted Krylon Cherry Red. I did several rounds of this because I didn't want to spray so heavy that it would make drip marks. I have to say after it was dry and I started taking off the stickers there were some parts that had red on the white dots, so I took a miniature paint brush, sprayed some paint onto a plate and then did some touch ups. It worked out beautifully. Yes they aren't perfect, but they are for my little girls who will probably break them within a month or so. I love how they turned out. Total cost of this whole project 6 dollars. Yes it's true. I am so excited to have a little tea party with my girls.

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  1. Melissa O you are a genius. these are amazing! I am so inspired!! Love you web sight!!