Friday, September 2, 2011

NO Mulah!!

It is really hard to decorate even if you are decorating cheap when you have no mulah. It is rather frustrating, because I have a million ideas, but no money to pull them off. Well I want to do a stencil right when you walk in my house and then one in the living room. Here are some of my favs. Which ones do you like. Go check out Tons of stencils. Love them. It would be awesome if someone wanted to go in with you on them. Let's be aren't doing the same stencil all over your house. So share them or you can always make your own. Click right here and you can see how she made her own. Well worth the time. Mwah!


  1. I love Royal Design Studios stencils! I actually own this one:
    I like the idea of sharing stencils, awesome!

  2. Love love love the stencil you own. SO JEALOUS!!!