Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's make it match

I did a previous post about my tea pot that I purchased. Well today I finished the set. I am so giddy about this. Oh shoot I forgot to take "during the process" pictures. Oops. Ok use your imaginations.
I took the cups and plates and sprayed them with Kilz. I probably did that 3 times. Just to make sure the little flowers wouldn't show through. Then I put little round stickers (garage sale stickers) randomly all over. Then I sprayed with Kilz again. I would of spray painted them a white color, but I had run out and was on a serious "don't go to Walmart" kick. I figured it would work...and it did. I sprayed it after the stickers because if you are going to have bleeding under the stickers or tape it should be the color you want it to be. After that it usually seals the tape down. Mine didn't this time. Those darn stickers weren't as good as I thought they would be. They were the perfect round shape that I wanted but they kept pulling up. Anyhoo, after that I painted the color I wanted Krylon Cherry Red. I did several rounds of this because I didn't want to spray so heavy that it would make drip marks. I have to say after it was dry and I started taking off the stickers there were some parts that had red on the white dots, so I took a miniature paint brush, sprayed some paint onto a plate and then did some touch ups. It worked out beautifully. Yes they aren't perfect, but they are for my little girls who will probably break them within a month or so. I love how they turned out. Total cost of this whole project 6 dollars. Yes it's true. I am so excited to have a little tea party with my girls.

Desk revamp

I found this desk and thought I want it. It is just a plain whatever desk, but I thought it would be so cute in my daughters room. She of course is girly girly so not only as a desk she could use it as a vanity as well. I matched it to the end table I had. Classic Gray is the color I chose. Then I glazed the sucker. There isn't a ton of detail for the glazing, but with what I got I love this piece. I am just a huge fan of the gray. Now let's get her room done.

Picture frames

I had bought these pictures frames. Yes I know they look like ridiculous, but I want to do some sort of a collage of frames over my daughters desk. I thought these might fit in. They might not, but if they don't...I'm out 1.00. That doesn't kill me right. But I have to say I love them and I am excited to see how it all comes together. I will of course post pics after I am finished with her room. She is deciding that she wants to move her room downstairs so I am glad I didn't start painting the room yet. But I am crazy excited.

D.I. Find (this store is just like good will)

I found some treasures. :) Ok the glass stuff is purely for my little girls to have a fancy tea set (are you sick of hearing about tea sets yet) Then the other stuff I have some fun ideas. I can't wait for you to see.

Decorating A.D.D.

Sometimes I think I have a case of Decorating A.D.D. What is this you ask, well it is when you have spent some good hard work and time into decorating and then you want to change it because you have an idea for something else. Ummm this seriously drives my hubby crazy. He made me promise when we moved into our home that I had to have at least 5 years and not change paint colors in the rooms. Well I made it 3, then I had to paint. I just love to change up the look of rooms. Well I did a safari theme for my little girl when she was born, and I'm ready for a change. She's 2. I have been very patient this last year because I wanted to change it right around 1 year. I'm seriously scared that I will change it and then some cool idea will pop into my head and I'll want to change it again. Maybe I should just go into other people's houses and change rooms, so I get my fix but the hubs is happy that I am not changing the rooms up every week. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm a little tea pot

I found this adorable tea pot at D.I.

Ok background story. I said recently that I wanted to make a teapot lamp. Well I grabbed a bunch of piece that I was going to use (3 cups, 3 plates, a bowl and a pot) I ended up not doing the lamp and I used the pot for something else and then I realized that my daughter who was 4 was using the 3 cups and plates for tea parties with her little sister. I thought how cute. The next time I was out at D.I. I decided I was on a tea party mission. I wanted to see if I could find a couple more cups and for sure some tea pots for her and the midgies tea parties. I found this little pot for 1.50. YES I'LL TAKE IT. Well my mind started going crazy. I thought I will take those little 3 plates and cups and turn them into something that would match this tea pot. Well I am not quite finished with the cups, but I thought I would show this first plate. It was my first so not perfect, but I am so excited for her next tea party. What do you think?

End table

I absolutely love this piece of furniture. I bought it at D.I. (where else do I buy anything) 20 dollars. I just fell in love with it. I was looking for a piece for my 10 year olds room. She is having her room gray, and turquoise. I decided this would be perfect next to her bed. I primed, Painted classic gray, then I used Rustoleum and painted the handles black. You have to make sure to get the product that is to paint metal, plastic, anything pretty much. I was nervous about the gray. I didn't know how it would turn out and I absolutely fell in love with this piece of furniture. I am painting her room soon (pictures will be posted about that. I'm a little nervous to have tons of pictures about it because I am an absolute Paint Nazi. What if there are massive mess ups......oh well) I finished two other projects for her room so I will post those as well, but I can't wait to see it all together. This whole creativity spin I'm in is terribly addictive. I LOVE IT

Can you say POT

I was going to attack the challenge of making a teapot lamp, but then I decided I probably would make it and be like...where in the heck am I going to put this. I thought Ok I am going to do the stuff that I definitely want in my house and know where I would put it. So the little tea pot that I had bought for it I decided that I wanted to try something with it. I decided that in my Living Room I have my yellow end tables, then I am finishing a hutch that I want to do a cream color, or bring my hutch in that I already refinished 2 years ago in black in that room. So if I do have those colors I want to pull in the yellow. Why not put some little pieces of decor in the hutch with the colors to tie into the yellow. Hence the pot. I took the pot (I didn't get a before shot) and decided what I wanted to do. It was a hideous Christmas pot. With little gold sparkly stars on the top part of it. My daughter loved it, me not so much.
I primed it.

After I primed it I painted it gray. Classic gray (Krylon)
Then I took painters tape and put a design on it.
Then I painted it Yellow. (Krylon Bahaus Gold) My husband informed me that if you paint it gray again after you put on the tape then if any color bleeds underneath it is just the gray and it ends up sealing the tape better. You live and learn. Then after it dried (it could of dried more, but I was extremely excited to see how it turned out) This is what I got. I love it. I think I would like to try some more intricate design, but still love it. My daughter keeps trying to take it and use it as her tea pot still. Watch out for her.

3M 2090 Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape for Multi-Surfaces 2-Inch-by-60-Yard

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Furniture redo

Bought two of these cute end tables at DI. They were 15 a piece. When you purchase something and you are not quite sure if it is a good piece of furniture to glaze, just see if it has some intricate detail on the wood that would pop out with the glaze. These end tables front door, just screamed detail to me. Actually these doors aren't even wood. They are a hard hard plastic, but it still worked. The rest of the cabinet is major flat, so when I glazed it, I was very generous on the glaze. I would wipe it off and wipe very lightly so that it would leave a swipe of the black glaze.
Don't mind the dust. Just a plain piece of furniture. Are you starting to imagine what you could do with it.

Primed the door and whole cabinet with Kilz spray primer. (the best part of Kilz is it seals in odors. Some of this old furniture has a smell...You don't smell anything with Kilz..thats why I love it.)

Painting...I used Krylon Bauhaus Gold. Love it. It is a deep sunset yellow.
Glazed the bad boy and voila!!

AfterKrylon Bauhaus Gold Spray 5 Ball Decorator Aerosol Paint

Monday, February 21, 2011

Something Red

I love shopping at online. It's like a big time Garage Sale online. LOVE IT. I found this beauty on there. 20 bucks baby. Seriously I felt that was a little much, but I was new at this. I guess I was excited to try out my glazing. So I jumped on board. I am obsessed with Red. It's just....classy. So I decided for my first

I thought it had so much potential.
I took it apart (taking the doors off the hinges, and the handles off of the door) Then Primed this bad boy. With Kilz Primer Spray. Love that stuff. If you shake it enough it comes out more smooth so you don't have to sand it. So Shake it for 2 to 3 minutes.
The primer dries quite fast. I spray painted this with Red. Kryon Cherry Red. I would spray then come in the house and do a load of dishes, then go out and spray, then come in and put away the dishes. You know trying to multi task.
Glazing is a piece of cake. It helps to have a daughter that rings out your rags and brings them clean to you. What a gem. The Glaze that I used was on clearance at Home Depot (I don't think they sale it there anymore) Ralph Lauren Faux Glazing. Then they tinted it black with Black Satin paint. You put on the glaze, making sure you get it in every nook. Then wipe it off. Keeping some of the glaze in the areas you want. You can make it as dark or light as you like. I took the hardware and just sprayed it black with Rustoleum black. I just thought that it turned out great. What a fun first project. I guess my first projects were all clumped together. My mom took my girls, so I tried to get as much done as possible. But I do love this one. (sucker for anything red)

I love blogs

I absolutely love blogs. I love to see things what other people have done. It is a huge inspiration. It inspires me to do something similar, with my own twist on it. I want you to look at this Paintable Wallpaper I thought...what the heck is paintable wallpaper. Well I found out and I love it. I haven't used it yet, but I love the look of it. Look at this Desk that brooke over at did. She used the paintable wallpaper. LOVE IT. I actually have a flat front on a dresser that I would like to try this on. (oh goodness I have so many things I want to do and hubby is never going to see me if I am constantly doing projects)

Cute little rocker

Bought this little beauty at D.I. for 8 bucks. Love it. The Mr. wanted to paint it black, but I thought this thing needed more than a blah color. So red it is. I love it. I have to say my little 2 year old loves this piece of furniture.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Realize what is important

My little girls (1 and 4) were in a car accident Tuesday. They were traveling back home with their grandma and aunt. They hit some ice and fish tailed right into oncoming traffic. Getting the call that they were being transported by Ambulance to the hospital, just breaks your heart. It makes you realize how important these little human beings are to you. They were banged up and my mother fractured her sternum and bruised lungs, my sister cracked some ribs and is pretty banged up. My little ones are bruised from the seatbelts. Their ribs are tender and they are a little traumatized, but nothing that a little time won't heal. Love those sweet little ones.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I want to redo my little girls room. It is black white and red. I love those colors, but I want something different for them. I am thinking vintage white and pink. I don't know maybe there are some different color that you have used that you love.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A blog that I completely love is She has so many fun ideas. I love it when you see something and it inspires something that you want to do, and it is totally your interpretation. She saw this lamp at and decided to make one of her own. I have to say that I love that hers has color in it. The anthropology one was just white....white sometimes is just too boring. I decided that I want to tackle this one myself. I went to D.I. and got my teacups and little pots. They are cute, so we will see how it turns out. Can't wait to get this one done. I think I want to incorporate even more color.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have so many projects

I went to pick up the hubby from work. I was a little early so I thought that I would waste some time. I hit the D.I. (I love that store) I should tell myself that I can't do that. Look at the treasures I found. Now I have more work to do, but it keeps me busy and I love it. I'll keep you posted.