Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Are you kidding me. NO I'M NOT!!! Is this not the coolest chair ever. Well I love black and white. If I could have my house all black and white I would. But I know that I have to have a little bit of color. When I saw this Chair OHHHHHH I'm in love. I just love this chair. Maybe more than desserts. :) Go to this blog and check out her blog.


Went to DI and these little gems were in the trash. Outside.

I totally grabbed it. I did ask so no one could take me down for stealing. I have been looking for cheap cute little chairs for the little girls black table. Well this works. Same old story here. I spray painted them black. Then reupholstered. Not a big deal. I let the little one pick out the fabric and for once I was uber excited she didn't pick some pink or purple or blue mess. :) She did good.

I was ready to put the second chair together and this is what I found.
Boooooo on children drawing on things. Really. Really. No yelling. Just bit my lip and I will have to reupholster it. grrrr. But I still love these cute chairs. muah!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deseret Industries

DI for short. I love me some DI. But I have a crazy problem with DI. Ok Story time:

Yesterday I was helping my sister move in to her new apartment. Oh the flood of memories that came back to me. Moving into a new apartment when I was single, Heck even when I was first married. Going to DI and getting a crazy chair for 5 dollars. We saw a couch in the dumpster and took it. FREE. (don't judge me...yes I think I could be a dumpster diver if it was something I really wanted ) Just fun to furnish your home for 20 dollars or less. Ok OK maybe a little bit more just so you didn't get the stinky couch, but still pretty darn cheap. We decided to hit some DI's on the way home. There are quite a few in Utah. That is because we are in Mormonville people. DI is ran by the LDS Church. So we hit about 4 DI's on our 1 hour drive home. Now we skipped over quite a few and just went to the ones where we knew their location. We pretty much filled up a small trailer with all our awesome finds. As I was looking I noticed some of their prices. SERIOUSLY!!! Yes I paid a little more than I wanted to on my treasures. But Shame on you DI--You get this stuff for free and you are selling a piece of crap dresser for 250 dollars. WHAT. Yes you read that right 250.00 dollars. I know that some of these items they like to say they are Antiques...ummmm nope. Just an old piece of furniture and even if it is an antique why would you put a sticker on that for that much money. Then there are items that are super cute, but I don't want to pay 25 dollars for a small end table that I have to fix up. You know what I mean. Are you with me here or am I just having a booo hooo party here all on my own. I have come to the point that I will tell them "hey I will give you bla bla amount for this item" if they say ok (which they do sometimes) then yay for me, but if they don't then I don't feel bad. Another thing I hate about DI is when you are in DI and you see someone that has something amazing that you wish you would of seen before them and I swear that an evil side of me comes out. Like I really want to take it out of their cart when they aren't looking. Like they wouldn't notice it was missing. I promise I won't do that, but still. Point of this post. DI LOWER YOUR PRICES JUST A SCOACH. PLEASE!!!! How can I say yay for me when I payed 40 bucks for something that look like it cost 50 after I put all my hard work into it. Ok enough of my ranting and raving. Just a side note, I really do love DI. :) Muah!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I love this little chair.

Very Retro if you ask me. Yes Yes...Retro would be a good word to use right. Or piece of crap. hee hee. Anyhoo. I thought it might be a cute little chair for my tween's desk. Remember the gray one.

Ok So I picked out the fabric on Date night with the honey. I love it when he will let me go shopping for date night. This is the fabric I picked out. Actually funny story. I had picked out this other fabric that I thought was way cute, but not in love with. I saw this lady as I was standing in line to get my fabric cut, and she had this in her cart. I told her to take my number (which was 4 before her) and then I would take the fabric after her. :) I know...kind of like fabric stalking, but totally worth it. I love that it has just a touch of turquoise in it. Just perfect.

So the process. Took the seat off, then took off the plastic fabric on the top part. It stays attached. Then I primed the legs and painted them black. This is a picture with it just primed.

The seat had a cord around it so I thought Hey I will just cut it off. Worked like a charm.

Then for the reupholstering. This little project was easy peasy. The hubby thinks it's way easier to pull each corner and staple then work with the rest. So he seemed to be having fun so I totally let him finish the seat. :) Thanks babe.

The top was a little tricky. I didn't want to have to sew the sides because all of the fabric fit. I felt that if there was going to be seam then I could do it with a fold in the fabric. It turned out great. I did staple there, but I was holding it until I get my fabric glue on it. I will have to go to Joann's for that. But I think it turned out spectacular. C is so excited for her room to come together. Can't wait. Muah

Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Ok seriously I love Mandi over and vintage revivals. She has such a fun quality about her. She decided that she wanted to make her own rug.

Yes it is true. She made that rug. CRAZY....right? Ok so now I am on the look out for rugs so that I can make a rug. I already know what I want it to look like. Can't wait.
Go to this blog to see how she did this. Muah.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We've taken on 6 chicks

Chicks meaning actual Chickens. The Hubby really wanted chickens, for the eggs. He also said..."hey if times are hard we could eat the chickens" ewwwwww. I mean don't get me wrong I love me a good piece of chicken, but I would end up having to be the one that cleaned it and such and I am really not up for that. Once again ewwwww. We are in the process of deciding what their chicken coop is going to look like. Here are a couple of ideas. So cute. Let's hope it's not too much work because seriously I'm lazy. :) Muah.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This just gives me another project I want to do.

Ok so the big thing that I have seen lately is the Board and Batten. What is Board and Batten you ask. Well I have quite a few pictures here that you can take a gander at. I didn't know it was called Board and Batten. (you learn something new every day) I just thought this was the attention to detail carpenter skills. Hmmm.

I am trying to decide where I want to do this. I am thinking the girls room. I am still figuring out what I want to do in their room. I love the idea of black and white and pink....ADORABLE, But then the Gray and Yellow seems so cute. Maybe a girly, maybe not. Here are some rooms that are cute, think color pallet.

HELP! Let's be honest I will want to change the girls room in about 2 years. I get bored easy. What colors have you liked, What do you think. Give some advice.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The sickies....Gross

This last week I have been uber sick. Translation: really really sick. I have tried to do little projects here and there so that I have some fun stuff on the blog, but it is rather hard when your head is pounding and you can't breathe very well. I know pity party for me. Well then I started feeling better. Found a cute head board for 15 bucks at DI. Wooooo hoooo. I decided what I want to do with it. I would tell you, but then it wouldn't be worth the wait. Ok a hint...You can sit on it. Bahahaha. That really isn't a good hint. Well I have done some other things. Really the furniture redo...which I love. I would love to post some pictures, but my computer is kaput at this moment. Translation: uber broken. The hubs is fixing it (hopefully by tomorrow) then I can post the before's and afters. Ok so I would like to get some pictures from you. What projects are you working on. Email me. Muah!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspiration Friday

This is my hutch. But I am completely inspired by this:

Click here to check out her blog.
I absolutely love the idea of painting the backside of a hutch a different color. How cool. I saw this and decided that I want to paint this hutch black and white in the back. I am thinking like a checker board. hee hee. I can't wait. Mwah to Inspiration Friday.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's get our craft on

Got my killer flower off of Google images. I typed in Flower stencil. I liked this one. Printed it off, and cut it out. Easy Peasy.
Placed it on my Felt that I bought in squares at Joann's. They were 29 cents each square. This flower only took 1/2 of a square.
Cut out the flowers.
Now I when I saw this in blogland they sewed the flowers together. Me...nope. A glue gun. I know it seems rather lazy, It's true. If I can glue gun it rather than sew..I will. Ok now if we are talking about a skirt...probably gonna sew unless they make a really good adhesive. Hee hee
Now you put one flower down as your base. Then fold in a flower in half and place it on the base flower.

Then after the first is folded onto it then you fold another and place it on 1/2 of the first flower you laid down. So forth and so forth. This shows you 4 layers.
I added a pearl to the middle. Bling that out baby.
Let's add some feathers to this bad boy. I love it.
Fold up the pedals anyway you want and see what you like.
Ok let's say this. This was my first. I will post pictures of some more when I get a chance to make some other ones.
Check out this one. I love it. This is where I learned about it. Man I've got a lot to learn. Cute though.