Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Furniture redo

Bought two of these cute end tables at DI. They were 15 a piece. When you purchase something and you are not quite sure if it is a good piece of furniture to glaze, just see if it has some intricate detail on the wood that would pop out with the glaze. These end tables front door, just screamed detail to me. Actually these doors aren't even wood. They are a hard hard plastic, but it still worked. The rest of the cabinet is major flat, so when I glazed it, I was very generous on the glaze. I would wipe it off and wipe very lightly so that it would leave a swipe of the black glaze.
Don't mind the dust. Just a plain piece of furniture. Are you starting to imagine what you could do with it.

Primed the door and whole cabinet with Kilz spray primer. (the best part of Kilz is it seals in odors. Some of this old furniture has a smell...You don't smell anything with Kilz..thats why I love it.)

Painting...I used Krylon Bauhaus Gold. Love it. It is a deep sunset yellow.
Glazed the bad boy and voila!!

AfterKrylon Bauhaus Gold Spray 5 Ball Decorator Aerosol Paint