Monday, April 4, 2011

End table fantastiko!!!

Ok for some reason I am loving the black and white theme. I love me some black and white. My sister says that I am boring because I don't use enough color...she was talking about what I wear, but still. I just think it is so classy. Isn't it?

This little end table has a funny story. Ok maybe it is just funny to me, but share I will. I saw this on KSL and thought Oh So Cute. Well I called and hooray they lived close to me. I drove over there and thought..I swear this is where J lives. (J is my friends little sister) Knock on the door and it WAS J's house. She had another one just like this end table (a little tempted to steal it so I could have both, but I resisted) She had painted hers yellow. ADORABLE. Ok same story again, except I had to sand the top of this. It just had a lot of dings. I didn't sand them all the way out, but enough so that it looked nice.

So I primed...Kilz original (I found that the odorless one just spits out thicker primer..ugh that means sanding) Then spray painted the Ivory gloss from Krylon on it and in it. Sprayed with Cheap Cheap spray paint from Walmart (I will find out what it is called, but I have found it is the best on the hardware) on the Hardware.

Then on the top of this sucker I put some Polyeurothane on it. Just to keep it nice. I have to say I didn't like the shine that it gave it, but it will protect. Isn't she beautiful. Mwah!

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  1. Oooo I think it's beautiful! Love the details on that table. And gorgeous hardware.