About ME

I am a stay at home mom. I have 5 Beautiful children.(doesn't everyone say that Beautiful, like if you thought your kid wasn't a looker you would say that bahahaha) Yes you read that right 5. They are seriously my life. I am married to an amazing man that let's me be the crazy big time goof that I am and loves me non the less. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. AKA: A MORMON. I love the gospel and it's a huge part of my life. And No we aren't weird.
I love love love Garage Sales, the DI, anything someone is giving away. You know that phrase of "One man's junk is another one's treasure" Oh I sooooo believe that. I love to take something that someone sees as junk and change it into something AMAZING. I love to be inspired and to inspire. I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh, I love my family, I love to create things, I love SPRAY PAINT, I love black and white, I love to see myself accomplish something that I never thought I could. Thanks for visiting this blog. Leave comments because I love to hear from you. LET'S CREATE SOMETHING.