Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yes life gets in the way a little bit sometimes. I have been on the rampage getting everything cleaned up and colors picked out when my sister in law said she needed some help revamping an apartment. My eyes got big and was so excited to try everything that I would love to do on my house on a little smaller scale. The apartment is small. kitchen, family room, two bedrooms. It doesn't have a ton of light so of course we want it to be fresh and open. The cabinets are painted black and I really want to paint them white. I don't know if I have enough in me to do it, but hopefully. Here are some of the inspiring things online. Check out their websites. Love these colors. See a theme here.
I seriously love gray and it will be in my house. LOVE. Pictures to come shortly.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Too much going on. I have been putting together a budget. It kind of sucks. Why? Because I really just want to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. It's true. Whatever.

Well I have been getting ready to do the board and batten in my entry, and living room. The only problem is the ceilings. I don't know if I should just leave them their creamy color or try and paint them white. I have to do the ceiling first. So I have to decide on my gray. It is between a couple of colors.

They are very similar. I just don't want a gray with a tone of blue, or purple. Thats hard to find. But I have realized that I have to first figure out the ceiling part of it. I don't want to hire someone to do it. UGH. MONEY Remember the whole budget thing. This sucks.

Friday, February 24, 2012

YOUR House YOUR Home

I always thought that I would have a driveway like this for my house. When I was young and we'd be on the farm that had long dirt driveways, I would pretend I was laura Ingles. Good times. My house that I have now does not have a driveway like that. I wish. It made me start thinking about what I would like my home to be like. I want it to be mine and do what I want in it. Sometimes I worry about if my house is up to snuff for other people. Why do I care. When I am in other people's houses I check out their decor and see what they have done. Somethings are cute and somethings are absolutely not for me. But as you look at people's houses or are just in a house for a moment you can sometimes see their personality in their house. Sometimes I wonder if they are just decorating their house like every other person. Now that doesn't mean that you have to have a purple house just because someone else has a black one, but I think there are so many places out there to purchase items for your home and everyone does so there is just so many similarities in homes. I kind of feel stuck in that mold. I'm in a brown, beige, black mold. I love black and white so why in the heck don't I have it more in my house. Well I want my house to be me, not what I think people will like, but completely me. Making my house our home. This journey is crazy, because you are trying to keep life normal while you change things. But I like the fact that my family is always so willing to let me try some crazy stuff.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Furniture that??

I love bold furniture. And old furniture. But these items just make me giggle.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday and Valentines Day

This week I've been MIA. Feb 13th is my brothers birthday. But also it is the day that he died. So that day we always try and remember him and watch a video of him. Then of course Valentines Day. Decorated my 13 year old son's locker. He's in 7th grade. Put some of his favorite treats in his locker. He's so cute. He came home and said he never thought it was some girl he thought Oh mom, so funny. Then we had a candle light dinner with the family at home. I love low key Valentines day. So I have been playing with the family.

On a decorating note...I'm obsessed with owls. I think they are so cute to decorate with.

Cute stuff. My little 3 year old would love this.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I have three rooms that I want to do stripes in. My piano room, The little girls room, and my 11 year old's room. Is that too many stripes in one house? I say NAY!!! I love the look of stripes. On one of my favorite blogs isabellaandmaxrooms, she talks about how stripes are the in thing right now. Check it out. I want to do black and white stripes in the piano room. like so

I do like the wide stripes vs the thinner stripes. Definitely horizontal vs vertical.
In the little girls room this is the plan.

Love. I then want to do the houndstooth accent. Then for my 11 year olds.

The gray stripes are in my 11 year olds room. So too many stripes or can you just not have enough?
I say you can't have enough. I'm painting up a storm. Pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nook or no nook

I wanted to show the progress of the girls room, but the hubster took my computer to work. Actually it is his computer but he lets me do all my photo work on it. I have a computer at home, but I don't put any photos on it. I like them all in one place. So I will have to remember to get all the photos on here tonight.

I have a butlers pantry. Thats what they call it. Weird. It's not like a butler stays in there. It's a little walk through that usually has a warming bin, but we replaced that with just cupboards. Why would I need a place that is a foot away from the kitchen to warm my food, plus we didn't make that extra room our "formal dining room" We put our piano in there. Here are some pictures. This isn't my's the model home. But it gives you an idea. It's that little room in the right middle back.

I want to take that cabinet out and the glass cabinet on the top and make a little reading nook. Like these.

They are suppose to read every night. They like to stay up in the kitchen area, so I thought make this place a little more functional instead of a catch all. Stay tuned. Hopefully I can do this.