Monday, January 30, 2012

It's the camera again

I got my camera fixed. Yayyyyyy. Only 150 dollars later. But I figure that camera cost me around 1000 dollars so to fix it for 150, I'll take it.

I took some pictures of the projects I am doing right now. Well the card that the pictures goes on is not one that can just fit in my computer so I have this thing that connects to the computer and then uploads from the card. Well now I have misplaced that stupid little thing. The search and rescue are out today looking for it. I hope that it turns up. I don't want to buy another one of those.

When we built our house back in 2005 there were things that I thought I was making a good decision on and then now I think why did I choose that. There were things that we chose that we knew we could change out one day that would be super easy, but others we upgraded on so that we didn't have to worry about that. Well one of those things that are hard to change I want to change. My railing. My railing is a normal railing. (I promise I will get pictures) but I want to change it. I have this obsession now with it either being all black or a black white. Now when I say all black I mean stained as dark as I can get it. This however is a bigger project than I think. I am doing my research now to figure out if I can even pull this off without it looking really bad DIY er. But here are some inspiring pictures that I love. mwah!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I have 4 minutes

Ok it is 11:56. I have 4 minutes to post something for Friday. Sorry my day was taken over by a crazy person. NO it wasn't me. Ok I saw this and am sooo doing it in my house. Check it out.

Seriously it changes the spaces. Love Love Love. If you want to check out her website it is She has such good ideas that inspire for days. mwah!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Looking at this made me want to paint some cabinets. My hubs would kill me. We painted the cabinets in our last house. Red. It was beautiful, but they were old oak cabinets. The cabinets we have in our house right now are knotty Alder. Although he is always sweet and said....well it's your house too. I know...very sweet, but that would be a huge decision. So I think I will just do my other stuff first and then if it comes down to that then there you go.
But I think these before and after pictures will inspire you.

I know the kitchen isn't the exact same shot, but thats the same kitchen. I love this. I love the white. It makes everything seem so elegant. Well we'll see if this makes me want to paint cabinets or not. This was done at Isabella and Max's rooms She is amazing. Mwah!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Freakin excited

I'm so stinkin excited. I have officially decided on a color scheme for my entry way and my great room. It has seriously taken me like 6 months to decide. But here we go. In the entry way I will be having a stencil on this one wall that goes up the stairs. I have to decide between a couple stencils. Hopefully it doesn't take me as long as it took for the colors. But here are a couple that I love.

Now remember I have a color scheme and so the colors with the stencils are not the colors I will use. Ok get ready because this is the color scheme for the entry way.

Tell me you love it. I DO!!!!! Ok so then you can see my great room from my entry way and so the color scheme in there will be these 3 colors. Remember I have orangey brown couches.
The gray will be in there, and a hint of the turquoise but then these two.

Ok if you just gasped they aren't exact colors. But they are the color scheme. Let's watch the magic happen. Tomorrow I will pick up the colors. I will be painting the girls room white. Then while that is curing a bit I will be working on the entry way. I'm so freaking excited. Mwah!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Inspiration Friday

I bought this old vintage couch off KSL. I have the thought to reupholster it. But I am a little scared of this project and so it hasn't happened yet. I have decided that I do want to do it, I just don't know what color. I love black and white. So much that it drives my sister crazy. But then I love the new turquoise color that seems to be everywhere. I love yellow, I love red. I can dream of the room right now. Hmmmmm. Ok but check out these pieces of furniture. Which one do you love. So far I am absolutely in love with two. The first two. (the black and white one just a little bit more than the other)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wooooo hooooo

It's crazy but I just celebrated a birthday with my baby and he turned 13. What the heck happened to the last 13 years. It's seems like I just had him. Love that kid. But back to decorating.

I went to Hobby lobby yesterday. Love that store. It inspires me a ton. The colors that I absolutely love are the colors off of a peacock.

Those colors seriously inspire me. I have all these plans, but then I have life that jumps in the way. I know I know get on the freakin ball. OK OK. I would love these colors in my spare bedroom. I was already to paint, but then I think I want to turn that room into a play room. That doesn't work out so much for my guests. Oh well. Here are some pictures that peacock feathers have inspired. Maybe it will inspire you. Mwah!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back in Business

Ok Christmas is over and the New Year is here. I come and look at my blog and realize...HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO last post was in November. That doesn't seem very dedicated to getting stuff done. Well with Christmas there was so much going on so I was going a little Crazy.
After Christmas there has still been some partying going on and so a little sleepy time is definitely necessary.
But I promise that I will get some more of my projects done and post. Plus there is so much out there has inspired me that I would love to share. Getting the projects done is actually a must, because I need to park in the other side of my garage and right now all of my project pieces are there. The hubby never gets upset about that, but what a fun surprise.. Here you go hubster your garage back. Alrighty game on peeps. Mwah!!