Monday, August 1, 2011


Alrighty I am so back in the swing of things. As of right now I am in the process of getting all of the kids rooms, perfect. Yes I know that things will never be perfect for a family of 5 children, but a girl can hope right?

As of right now this is the planner baby. Yellow, White and Black and White for the little girls room.
Gray and Turquoise for my 11 year old girl's room (that accent color of turquoise may change I don't know yet)
Boys room is black and Red
Then so far I want to do a black and white and pink (black and white polka dots) for the girls bathroom. We will see how all of this goes.

Here are a couple of pictures of inspiration for some rooms. I will definitely post when I am done.

I know this room has colors that are labeled as drab, but I love it. It seems so mysterious. I want to have a room like this. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
So girly.
I love the paris part.
Very sophisticated
I don't know if this one is too busy for me or not, but still love the colors. I mean I am using those colors for my girls. HELLO

Alrighty so get freakin inspired people. I've got a project coming that I hope works out because it will be AMAZING. Mwah!!!

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