Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Ok so in all reality there are tons and tons of blogs out there that do creative crafts, furniture lifts, genius like ideas, and so forth. This blog is about having fun, creating and laughing as we go. I love to get ideas from others. Every friday I want to show you something that completely inspires me. To either make it myself or something I want to put in my little book of "someday". You know how I love to refinish furniture...right? Well I always thought that I wanted to do something cool with those old TV sets. I FOUND OUT WHAT TO DO. I always thought of taking out the TV and making something, and this completely inspires me to do it. I love Beckie's website. She has such a cool story about life and she is an amazing creative person. (I act like we are besties...nope just found her on the web although I bet we could be besties) Here is a picture of her TV and the redo. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How amazing is this.

Go check out the whole tutorial here.


1 comment:

  1. That really is amazing! Who would even guess it was the same piece of furniture?