Monday, May 9, 2011

Apartment AMAZING!!!

I promised to show you some of the projects that my sis and I did in the apartment. I love how it all worked out.
Check out this cute cute table. We finished all the chairs. I love everything about it.
I was a little worried of how it would all look with the Red wall, but I just think it looks absolutely adorable.
This Turquoise scared me a little. I just thought with the red wall that it would look like a del taco commercial. NOPE. Once she had put the decorations up and let me just say that this picture does not give it justice. It is freakishly adorable. I love it.
To my sister...You seriously inspire me and secretly make me want to have a little apartment to decorate. :) Mwah!!!


  1. Oh my heavens, it's soooo adorable! More pictures, I need more!

  2. I'm with Saedi...MORE PICTURES!!! It is way cute. ;)

  3. Way cute you two! When is the house warming party? I'm there. I'll bring the drinks. :)