Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apartment fabulous

More stuff from the apartment. Ok This stuff is so cute. It just shows you that you can take something so basic and make it just what you want. Ok check out this cute desk. Now I don't have a before of this desk, but it was just this horrible green color with silver knobs.

Just painted it with the Bahamaus Gold from Krylon and then the chair just black from Krylon. So cute. Ok then I love the new craze of the empty frames. Look how cute this turned out.

Then she bought this basket at DI. Well she need some color. So we painted it. All I am saying is that you can turn anything into some pop of color in your house.

Also this was a blackish color. We bought it at DI. My sister decided that she would paint it orange and look how cute it is. She glazed it as well. Turned out good. Make your home what you want. Now there is a whole lot of color in her apartment. But I do love it. Mwah

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