Friday, February 24, 2012

YOUR House YOUR Home

I always thought that I would have a driveway like this for my house. When I was young and we'd be on the farm that had long dirt driveways, I would pretend I was laura Ingles. Good times. My house that I have now does not have a driveway like that. I wish. It made me start thinking about what I would like my home to be like. I want it to be mine and do what I want in it. Sometimes I worry about if my house is up to snuff for other people. Why do I care. When I am in other people's houses I check out their decor and see what they have done. Somethings are cute and somethings are absolutely not for me. But as you look at people's houses or are just in a house for a moment you can sometimes see their personality in their house. Sometimes I wonder if they are just decorating their house like every other person. Now that doesn't mean that you have to have a purple house just because someone else has a black one, but I think there are so many places out there to purchase items for your home and everyone does so there is just so many similarities in homes. I kind of feel stuck in that mold. I'm in a brown, beige, black mold. I love black and white so why in the heck don't I have it more in my house. Well I want my house to be me, not what I think people will like, but completely me. Making my house our home. This journey is crazy, because you are trying to keep life normal while you change things. But I like the fact that my family is always so willing to let me try some crazy stuff.

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