Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can you say POT

I was going to attack the challenge of making a teapot lamp, but then I decided I probably would make it and be like...where in the heck am I going to put this. I thought Ok I am going to do the stuff that I definitely want in my house and know where I would put it. So the little tea pot that I had bought for it I decided that I wanted to try something with it. I decided that in my Living Room I have my yellow end tables, then I am finishing a hutch that I want to do a cream color, or bring my hutch in that I already refinished 2 years ago in black in that room. So if I do have those colors I want to pull in the yellow. Why not put some little pieces of decor in the hutch with the colors to tie into the yellow. Hence the pot. I took the pot (I didn't get a before shot) and decided what I wanted to do. It was a hideous Christmas pot. With little gold sparkly stars on the top part of it. My daughter loved it, me not so much.
I primed it.

After I primed it I painted it gray. Classic gray (Krylon)
Then I took painters tape and put a design on it.
Then I painted it Yellow. (Krylon Bahaus Gold) My husband informed me that if you paint it gray again after you put on the tape then if any color bleeds underneath it is just the gray and it ends up sealing the tape better. You live and learn. Then after it dried (it could of dried more, but I was extremely excited to see how it turned out) This is what I got. I love it. I think I would like to try some more intricate design, but still love it. My daughter keeps trying to take it and use it as her tea pot still. Watch out for her.

3M 2090 Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape for Multi-Surfaces 2-Inch-by-60-Yard

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