Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm a little tea pot

I found this adorable tea pot at D.I.

Ok background story. I said recently that I wanted to make a teapot lamp. Well I grabbed a bunch of piece that I was going to use (3 cups, 3 plates, a bowl and a pot) I ended up not doing the lamp and I used the pot for something else and then I realized that my daughter who was 4 was using the 3 cups and plates for tea parties with her little sister. I thought how cute. The next time I was out at D.I. I decided I was on a tea party mission. I wanted to see if I could find a couple more cups and for sure some tea pots for her and the midgies tea parties. I found this little pot for 1.50. YES I'LL TAKE IT. Well my mind started going crazy. I thought I will take those little 3 plates and cups and turn them into something that would match this tea pot. Well I am not quite finished with the cups, but I thought I would show this first plate. It was my first so not perfect, but I am so excited for her next tea party. What do you think?

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