Monday, February 21, 2011

Something Red

I love shopping at online. It's like a big time Garage Sale online. LOVE IT. I found this beauty on there. 20 bucks baby. Seriously I felt that was a little much, but I was new at this. I guess I was excited to try out my glazing. So I jumped on board. I am obsessed with Red. It's just....classy. So I decided for my first

I thought it had so much potential.
I took it apart (taking the doors off the hinges, and the handles off of the door) Then Primed this bad boy. With Kilz Primer Spray. Love that stuff. If you shake it enough it comes out more smooth so you don't have to sand it. So Shake it for 2 to 3 minutes.
The primer dries quite fast. I spray painted this with Red. Kryon Cherry Red. I would spray then come in the house and do a load of dishes, then go out and spray, then come in and put away the dishes. You know trying to multi task.
Glazing is a piece of cake. It helps to have a daughter that rings out your rags and brings them clean to you. What a gem. The Glaze that I used was on clearance at Home Depot (I don't think they sale it there anymore) Ralph Lauren Faux Glazing. Then they tinted it black with Black Satin paint. You put on the glaze, making sure you get it in every nook. Then wipe it off. Keeping some of the glaze in the areas you want. You can make it as dark or light as you like. I took the hardware and just sprayed it black with Rustoleum black. I just thought that it turned out great. What a fun first project. I guess my first projects were all clumped together. My mom took my girls, so I tried to get as much done as possible. But I do love this one. (sucker for anything red)

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