Monday, February 28, 2011

Decorating A.D.D.

Sometimes I think I have a case of Decorating A.D.D. What is this you ask, well it is when you have spent some good hard work and time into decorating and then you want to change it because you have an idea for something else. Ummm this seriously drives my hubby crazy. He made me promise when we moved into our home that I had to have at least 5 years and not change paint colors in the rooms. Well I made it 3, then I had to paint. I just love to change up the look of rooms. Well I did a safari theme for my little girl when she was born, and I'm ready for a change. She's 2. I have been very patient this last year because I wanted to change it right around 1 year. I'm seriously scared that I will change it and then some cool idea will pop into my head and I'll want to change it again. Maybe I should just go into other people's houses and change rooms, so I get my fix but the hubs is happy that I am not changing the rooms up every week. :)

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