Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deseret Industries

DI for short. I love me some DI. But I have a crazy problem with DI. Ok Story time:

Yesterday I was helping my sister move in to her new apartment. Oh the flood of memories that came back to me. Moving into a new apartment when I was single, Heck even when I was first married. Going to DI and getting a crazy chair for 5 dollars. We saw a couch in the dumpster and took it. FREE. (don't judge me...yes I think I could be a dumpster diver if it was something I really wanted ) Just fun to furnish your home for 20 dollars or less. Ok OK maybe a little bit more just so you didn't get the stinky couch, but still pretty darn cheap. We decided to hit some DI's on the way home. There are quite a few in Utah. That is because we are in Mormonville people. DI is ran by the LDS Church. So we hit about 4 DI's on our 1 hour drive home. Now we skipped over quite a few and just went to the ones where we knew their location. We pretty much filled up a small trailer with all our awesome finds. As I was looking I noticed some of their prices. SERIOUSLY!!! Yes I paid a little more than I wanted to on my treasures. But Shame on you DI--You get this stuff for free and you are selling a piece of crap dresser for 250 dollars. WHAT. Yes you read that right 250.00 dollars. I know that some of these items they like to say they are Antiques...ummmm nope. Just an old piece of furniture and even if it is an antique why would you put a sticker on that for that much money. Then there are items that are super cute, but I don't want to pay 25 dollars for a small end table that I have to fix up. You know what I mean. Are you with me here or am I just having a booo hooo party here all on my own. I have come to the point that I will tell them "hey I will give you bla bla amount for this item" if they say ok (which they do sometimes) then yay for me, but if they don't then I don't feel bad. Another thing I hate about DI is when you are in DI and you see someone that has something amazing that you wish you would of seen before them and I swear that an evil side of me comes out. Like I really want to take it out of their cart when they aren't looking. Like they wouldn't notice it was missing. I promise I won't do that, but still. Point of this post. DI LOWER YOUR PRICES JUST A SCOACH. PLEASE!!!! How can I say yay for me when I payed 40 bucks for something that look like it cost 50 after I put all my hard work into it. Ok enough of my ranting and raving. Just a side note, I really do love DI. :) Muah!!

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  1. I hear ya! I have that same issue with DI. I have found that the local outlet for scratch and dents are sometimes cheaper.