Monday, January 30, 2012

It's the camera again

I got my camera fixed. Yayyyyyy. Only 150 dollars later. But I figure that camera cost me around 1000 dollars so to fix it for 150, I'll take it.

I took some pictures of the projects I am doing right now. Well the card that the pictures goes on is not one that can just fit in my computer so I have this thing that connects to the computer and then uploads from the card. Well now I have misplaced that stupid little thing. The search and rescue are out today looking for it. I hope that it turns up. I don't want to buy another one of those.

When we built our house back in 2005 there were things that I thought I was making a good decision on and then now I think why did I choose that. There were things that we chose that we knew we could change out one day that would be super easy, but others we upgraded on so that we didn't have to worry about that. Well one of those things that are hard to change I want to change. My railing. My railing is a normal railing. (I promise I will get pictures) but I want to change it. I have this obsession now with it either being all black or a black white. Now when I say all black I mean stained as dark as I can get it. This however is a bigger project than I think. I am doing my research now to figure out if I can even pull this off without it looking really bad DIY er. But here are some inspiring pictures that I love. mwah!

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