Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Looking at this made me want to paint some cabinets. My hubs would kill me. We painted the cabinets in our last house. Red. It was beautiful, but they were old oak cabinets. The cabinets we have in our house right now are knotty Alder. Although he is always sweet and said....well it's your house too. I know...very sweet, but that would be a huge decision. So I think I will just do my other stuff first and then if it comes down to that then there you go.
But I think these before and after pictures will inspire you.

I know the kitchen isn't the exact same shot, but thats the same kitchen. I love this. I love the white. It makes everything seem so elegant. Well we'll see if this makes me want to paint cabinets or not. This was done at Isabella and Max's rooms She is amazing. Mwah!

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