Friday, February 10, 2012


I have three rooms that I want to do stripes in. My piano room, The little girls room, and my 11 year old's room. Is that too many stripes in one house? I say NAY!!! I love the look of stripes. On one of my favorite blogs isabellaandmaxrooms, she talks about how stripes are the in thing right now. Check it out. I want to do black and white stripes in the piano room. like so

I do like the wide stripes vs the thinner stripes. Definitely horizontal vs vertical.
In the little girls room this is the plan.

Love. I then want to do the houndstooth accent. Then for my 11 year olds.

The gray stripes are in my 11 year olds room. So too many stripes or can you just not have enough?
I say you can't have enough. I'm painting up a storm. Pictures to come soon.

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  1. Sad but true, those grey stripes- in the last pic- just got painted over! I loved that room! Are stripes still in or are they going out?