Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday and Valentines Day

This week I've been MIA. Feb 13th is my brothers birthday. But also it is the day that he died. So that day we always try and remember him and watch a video of him. Then of course Valentines Day. Decorated my 13 year old son's locker. He's in 7th grade. Put some of his favorite treats in his locker. He's so cute. He came home and said he never thought it was some girl he thought Oh mom, so funny. Then we had a candle light dinner with the family at home. I love low key Valentines day. So I have been playing with the family.

On a decorating note...I'm obsessed with owls. I think they are so cute to decorate with.

Cute stuff. My little 3 year old would love this.

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