Friday, February 3, 2012

Girls room

My two little girls share a room. There room is a very light tan color, with white beds, white bedding, and then Black and red accents in pillows and on the wall. I think their room is cute, but it never felt quite done. Maybe looking at the wall with the picture frames...with no pictures was the part that made me feel not done. :) I just want to do their room in a way that they can grow with for a while. So no there will be no huge mural of dora on the wall. I am planning on painting their room a yellow/gold stripe with white. Like this picture.

Since these two sleep together I decided to take away their two twin beds and put a full bed in their room. The bed frame is white and glazed brown. So then for their accent colors in the room I am placing two large houndstooth pillows on the bed.

With the houndstooth I want something else in their room with that in it, whether I stencil it in their closet so when you open that, or stencil it on a dresser. Maybe reupholster their little chairs in it. Here are some ideas.

The other color that I thought I might be able to pull into this room would be...

I don't know about that green. We will see if it all works together. I need to hurry and finish their room. They are in kind of limbo. Good luck. mwah

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