Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nook or no nook

I wanted to show the progress of the girls room, but the hubster took my computer to work. Actually it is his computer but he lets me do all my photo work on it. I have a computer at home, but I don't put any photos on it. I like them all in one place. So I will have to remember to get all the photos on here tonight.

I have a butlers pantry. Thats what they call it. Weird. It's not like a butler stays in there. It's a little walk through that usually has a warming bin, but we replaced that with just cupboards. Why would I need a place that is a foot away from the kitchen to warm my food, plus we didn't make that extra room our "formal dining room" We put our piano in there. Here are some pictures. This isn't my house...it's the model home. But it gives you an idea. It's that little room in the right middle back.

I want to take that cabinet out and the glass cabinet on the top and make a little reading nook. Like these.

They are suppose to read every night. They like to stay up in the kitchen area, so I thought make this place a little more functional instead of a catch all. Stay tuned. Hopefully I can do this.

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