Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspiration Friday

I have some cute projects that I've done with my sister. Well she won't let me post until she gets to post to her blog. booo on her. So inspiration friday it is. Promise they will be up Monday.
I love a good rug, but I don't think you can just find any rug that you want to match perfectly. Sometimes I think people buy rugs and then decorate around that. Not a bad way to go, but what if I just am looking for something specific. OK OK I have found the answer for you. Paint your freakin rug. YES I SAID IT!!! Ok here are some great ideas. There are some that paint directly on the floor, then there are actual rugs that they paint. The first 3 are painted on the floor. Then the rest are rugs. HOLY CRAP. They are just cool. Game on. I can totally do this.

I absolutely love this one. Ok so guess what it is.......Linoleum. CRAZY. They just turned it over and painted the back side and used that. LOVE IT. Go here to see how.

Here are a couple more inspirational rugs.

Don't you love this one. I DO!!! Check out how she did it here.

Ok I have this sad sad rug under my table. I have decided I am going to paint. I will figure that out and post soon. Mwah (hope you are inspired)

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