Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Small post

Ok so I bought this from DI for $2.00.
I love that it had tin on the inside that I can sooo use. I primed, spray painted with Krylon Blue Ocean breeze. I glazed it with Ralph Lauren Faux glaze black. Wiped off and Voila!!!
I seriously can't wait to take picture with all of these picture framed on my picture frame wall and my 10 year olds bedroom. SOOOOO CUTEEE!!! Just to tease you a bit. :) mwah!


  1. So cute. Love the color. I have a mirror almost exact to this that I got for like 3 bucks, and I can't decide what to paint it - maybe I'll paint it this color!

  2. I love your deal finding abilities!!! You're amazing!

  3. I need you to teach me how to find deals like this! And just so you know I keep giving your blog out to people at work and they love it. -- Robyne---