Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That blue is bright.

Ok Don't worry I will totally take a picture with all the furniture in her apartment. Then you can get an idea of what the colors look like together. I think this is so cute. This is again the same old story. Some day I will get crazy and throw something different in. But we primed with kilz, painted, and glazed with black. Hardware was sprayed black too. The different thing that we did on this was we actually bought paint and used it in a sprayer with a air compressor. First time doing that. You just buy the paint you want. (we bought latex, but you could do oil base) Then you put it in the spray container and water it down a bit. If you have oil base you would buy a paint thinner. The reason you do this is so the gun doesn't get clogged. Then spray away. It was fun to have a fun color that doesn't come in the Krylon sprays. It makes the range of what you want to do so much bigger. Mwah!!


  1. Love it! Looks great with the glazing.

  2. OK Question: Did it dry really hard, the same way spray paint from a can does? Or was it a bit more tacky? I'm needing to decide whether or not to spray paint my stuff or use real paint, but I want that hard finish you get with spray paint, you know?