Friday, April 22, 2011

Table...oooo la la

My little sister and I did a weekend of projects. Ok let me back up. My sister and I are seriously BFFs. We don't even have to finish our sentences. We can look at each other and laugh... I think she looks at me and laughs way more often than it is together. We can have fun doing anything together. It kind of bugs people sometimes, but that so doesn't bother us. hee hee. maybe it should. anyhoo. Back to the projects. She (like I have said before) has a major color fetish. Which I love. Well she has a red wall in her room and kind of needed to work around it a skoach. (sp) She found this cute table at DI for a total of 35 dollars for the table and 4 chairs. I love round tables. I just think they are uber cute. Well she was going to paint it cream and then her chairs cream but we went into the should decorate the way that you want. So she decided on doing her chairs the colors she wanted and the table cream. I love this table. I love how it turned out. We did name her Gertrude. WHY? That name seemed to fit at the moment when we were scraping off the top of it this glue, wallpaper, painted, crap on the top of it. I thought I was going to go insane. We gouged the top a little and so spackled the bad boy. There was sanding involved on this one. Just too much crap to try and make nice. Then primed, and painted it Ivory.(krylon) Then Glazed with black. My sister actually took the glaze on areas that didn't have big creases and used her finger to make it look a little more antiquey. I love Love Love the way it turned out. I will post the other two chairs when they are completed. Taking a break from Paint fumes for a momente. MWAH!!!

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  1. Love it!!! And what an amazing deal! Good work Melissa and Erin!!!