Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This just gives me another project I want to do.

Ok so the big thing that I have seen lately is the Board and Batten. What is Board and Batten you ask. Well I have quite a few pictures here that you can take a gander at. I didn't know it was called Board and Batten. (you learn something new every day) I just thought this was the attention to detail carpenter skills. Hmmm.

I am trying to decide where I want to do this. I am thinking the girls room. I am still figuring out what I want to do in their room. I love the idea of black and white and pink....ADORABLE, But then the Gray and Yellow seems so cute. Maybe a girly, maybe not. Here are some rooms that are cute, think color pallet.

HELP! Let's be honest I will want to change the girls room in about 2 years. I get bored easy. What colors have you liked, What do you think. Give some advice.


  1. I LOVE board and baton! I've been wanting to do some in my house for FOREVER, but I'm too big a chicken to do it myself and too broke to hire someone. Sad for me!

  2. Saedi I say we do it together. Depending on the size of the room....we are looking at about 100 dollars. Well thats just the wood. Then you have the paint. Not too bad. Let's do it sister. You and me.

  3. I actually have this in my house on one wall and I did it myself. I didn't know it was called that either, I saw it in a Parade of Homes house. Try one wall, it's not that hard.