Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doll house a go go

My little girl's birthday was coming up. She would be turning 5. I thought "oh a doll house would be so fun for her" I priced those puppies out and OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Really. Either these people are really proud of their workmanship, or they are just greedy. Hee hee. Either way I can't afford that. I'm poor remember. I decided "I can make that" I got this crazy idea to build her a doll house. I did a little research on the web and found a cute picture of what I thought the doll house should look like. They called it a Vermont Homestead. Now mind you there weren't any plans...I just had a picture and gave it to the hubs. He was massively busy with work and so it came down to the last minutes. He drew everything out. Had measurements then drew it onto the wood.....LET THE CUTTING BEGIN. He cut it all out and then we put it together. Gluing and nailing. Yes I helped with this part and I have to say Not too shabby.
We primed the bad boy with Kilz. Then after priming I painted it White. Now this wood probably wasn't the greatest wood to use (I don't even know what kind of wood it was except CHEAP) After it was all painted I noticed it was sucking up the paint like not other. Yes I thought that the primer would help that not happen, but with this wood it wasn't. Oh well. I can't paint later.
Then I cut out the windows. Realizing we probably should of cut out the windows at the beginning...but you live and learn. Then I painted the roof areas black. And then took black ribbon and glued it next to the windows as shutters.

This was a fun project. I will post the plans later. There are a couple of things that we ran into that we will need to change on the plans. She loves this thing and that is all that matters.

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