Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's get our craft on

Got my killer flower off of Google images. I typed in Flower stencil. I liked this one. Printed it off, and cut it out. Easy Peasy.
Placed it on my Felt that I bought in squares at Joann's. They were 29 cents each square. This flower only took 1/2 of a square.
Cut out the flowers.
Now I when I saw this in blogland they sewed the flowers together. Me...nope. A glue gun. I know it seems rather lazy, It's true. If I can glue gun it rather than sew..I will. Ok now if we are talking about a skirt...probably gonna sew unless they make a really good adhesive. Hee hee
Now you put one flower down as your base. Then fold in a flower in half and place it on the base flower.

Then after the first is folded onto it then you fold another and place it on 1/2 of the first flower you laid down. So forth and so forth. This shows you 4 layers.
I added a pearl to the middle. Bling that out baby.
Let's add some feathers to this bad boy. I love it.
Fold up the pedals anyway you want and see what you like.
Ok let's say this. This was my first. I will post pictures of some more when I get a chance to make some other ones.
Check out this one. I love it. This is where I learned about it. Man I've got a lot to learn. Cute though.

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