Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Midgie Table

My dad being the wonderful carpenter that he is decided to make my little girls a little table and chairs. This little table is so cute. I guess at lowes that have the leg's with the hardware to hook them onto the table. Easy peasy. Well I decided I wanted to paint this cute little table. BLACK OF COURSE. The youngins like to draw on everything. My thought with the black is IT WILL HIDE IT. Cross your fingers that is true. Or just pray that my kids will learn to draw on paper and paper only. UGH. Yes I know put the colors, pencils, pens, markers, anything up. I DO, but they have a radar for anything that they can use to express their artistic side. Ok enough about the drawing all over, back to the table. This table came to me together but in raw form. So I just painted. I realized that I needed to prime it a little thicker (only after I was done with the black....grrrr) There are a couple little things I still want to do with the table, but the girls wanted something to put their tea set on. So in the middle of preschool and nap time I will sand a little and finish painting. But check it out...so cute.

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