Saturday, March 26, 2011

I love this little chair.

Very Retro if you ask me. Yes Yes...Retro would be a good word to use right. Or piece of crap. hee hee. Anyhoo. I thought it might be a cute little chair for my tween's desk. Remember the gray one.

Ok So I picked out the fabric on Date night with the honey. I love it when he will let me go shopping for date night. This is the fabric I picked out. Actually funny story. I had picked out this other fabric that I thought was way cute, but not in love with. I saw this lady as I was standing in line to get my fabric cut, and she had this in her cart. I told her to take my number (which was 4 before her) and then I would take the fabric after her. :) I know...kind of like fabric stalking, but totally worth it. I love that it has just a touch of turquoise in it. Just perfect.

So the process. Took the seat off, then took off the plastic fabric on the top part. It stays attached. Then I primed the legs and painted them black. This is a picture with it just primed.

The seat had a cord around it so I thought Hey I will just cut it off. Worked like a charm.

Then for the reupholstering. This little project was easy peasy. The hubby thinks it's way easier to pull each corner and staple then work with the rest. So he seemed to be having fun so I totally let him finish the seat. :) Thanks babe.

The top was a little tricky. I didn't want to have to sew the sides because all of the fabric fit. I felt that if there was going to be seam then I could do it with a fold in the fabric. It turned out great. I did staple there, but I was holding it until I get my fabric glue on it. I will have to go to Joann's for that. But I think it turned out spectacular. C is so excited for her room to come together. Can't wait. Muah

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