Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'M SICK ABOUT IT. I forgot to take a before picture. Yes it is true. I have completely lost my mind. UGH. Oh well Just picture this beautiful dresser with a not so attractive wood color. Kind of like this end table color.

This dresser is adorable. I bought it off of KSL. I could seriously look on KSL for forever, but living on a budget makes it hard to travel far distances (anything over 15 miles) to buy the items. This one however was in my same town. wooo hooo. So I bought it, primed it, then spray painted with Krylon Classic Gray. I have to say I absolutely love this color. It is a very cool color. It makes everything that I paint with it look very classy. Also it makes the hardware (which I sprayed black) pop. LOVE IT!! Of course we had to glaze. Who doesn't love to glaze right. This paticular dresser doesn't have a ton of nooks and crannys so when I glazed I tried to leave a little on the drawers where the rag could pick up the glaze, but I tried to avoid wiping in that area. Now for me the whole glazing thing turns into a whole live and learn type of thing. Go figure. Isn't that most things in life. hee hee. Anyhoo back to the more life lessons I promise. I then put the hardware on and Voila!!! Do you love it. Yes I do this all on my Kitchen table. I have to keep track of the kiddies while I get to have my hobby. :)Mwah


  1. so cute melissa! i love your stuff.

  2. Guess what, I bought a dresser at DI a few months ago that looks almost identical to this one! I have it at my Mom's house till I have the time to re-finish it. Your post makes me super excited to finally do it!